About Deb

Deb Performing at the World Pole Sports Championships

Since winning at the International Pole Championships in 2012, Deb has travelled the world constantly; performing, teaching workshops and training alongside some of the most recognised and incredible pole dancers, performers and artists she is lucky to call friends – like Bendy Kate (UK and home grown favourite Kristy Sellars.

Not a bad life, really, considering this now happy and vibrant woman was born without most of her left arm. Deb suffered anxiety and depression from childhood up until her early twenties. Pole dance, circus artistry, dance, yoga, pilates and fitness training have changed her life forever.

Deb won her first amateur pole dancing title in 2009. She had first seen pole dancing in a nightclub in 2006, a doubles routine performed by Susie Q and Missy. They became her first two teachers. She went on to train with a variety of Sydney’s best pole dancers and instructors from every style, including Jamilla Deville, Kim Miller, Luxe L’Etoile, Bailey Hart, Shimmy and Chilli Rox.

Deb took dance lessons as a child but experienced a lack of self-confidence and struggled tremendously. She recommenced dance lessons in 2005 at Sydney Dance Company Studios and started to shine. In 2007 she took up lessons in circus skills and especially loved hoop, trapeze and lyra.

When Deb is in Sydney, she works not only as a performer, but as a personal trainer, yoga teacher and pilates instructor. It was Deb’s own awareness of the importance of health and fitness that transformed into the joy of mastering not only new pole moves, but also new ways of inspiring people to push beyond their perceived limitations.

Sought-after by clients and venues alike as a result of her ability to mesmerise audiences and to motivate others to achieve their utmost, Deb espouses the benefits of physical activity and the power of the mind.


We can realise our potential simply by making the most of what we’ve got.